Flat oval ductwork vs rectangular ductwork

HOW TO SIZE AND DESIGN DUCTS . This product is also ideal for range hood venting. Diameter - Convert rectangular and oval duct geometry to a equivalent circular diameter  The inherent design of rectangular duct involves air moving around sharp edges, dampers, and Weighing the Advantages of Spiral vs. 625 The one shown below is number 6 in their chart. In these cases the duct is converted to rectangular or flat-oval so that it can fit the available space rectangular ductwork Standard insulation used for double wall round or oval is an unfaced 1 lb density. from the wall for vertical, horizontal or diagonal installations. 04 FLAT OVAL DUCT A. Oval Equivalent Diameter (Ellipse) Flat oval ducts have smaller height requirements than round ducts and retain most of the advantages of the round ducts. DN Duct Solution fabricates single wall and double wall rectangular ductwork. 4. flat oval single wall duct and fittings are one part of our complete line of HVAC products. Abrasion resistant hose are designed to transfer abrasive and bulk materials from point to another. wyes, reducers, rectangular to round transitions, pick-up hoods, blast gates, spiral ductwork, single wall flat oval ductwork, double wall flat oval ductwork as  Flexible ducting products are ULC approved as Class 1. The equivalent diameter is the diameter of a circular duct or pipe that gives the same pressure loss . Poor installation leads to poor airtightness and increased pressure resistance, Double-Wall, Flat Oval Duct and Fittings Dimensions Double-Wall, Round Uni-Gasket Fittings and Related Products Dimensions Single-Wall and Single-Wall Lined, Rectangular Duct and Fittings Dimensions Double-Wall, Insulated Rectangular-k27 Duct and Fittings Dimensions Perforated Grilles Performance Data Duct Registers Performance Data Get ductwork venting, fittings and caps at Grainger! Round, square and perforated diffusers help disperse air from ductwork in ceilings or walls. Our flat oval duct and fittings are manufactured in material thicknesses from 24-16 gauge galvanized steel, as required to meet SMACNA and ASHRAE standards, based on flat oval major axis dimension. to 31 in. Transcript: ** Round Air Ducts * Advantages of Round Air Ducts Less friction Better, more efficient airflow Easy to join pieces together Faster installation Better for medium to high pressure FLAT OVAL Sometimes it is desirable to change the flat oval size, because of height restrictions or because a given size of flat oval is not available in spiral. The company is an innovator in the design and production of indoor air quality equipment for North American heating, ventilation and air conditioning industries. Round vs Rectangular Ductwork – What’s the Verdict? So we’ve told you about the pros and cons of round vs rectangular ductwork – but what’s our final opinion? In truth, the choice in round or rectangular ductwork isn’t entirely up to you (it’s up to your HVAC expert. So if you still look at spiral flat oval duct as an expensive rectangular duct with the corners rounded off, you need to move out of the 1980’s and see the changes that have taken place in the last 25 years. Online Ductulator Free Duct Size Calculator. Its a typical concern that we hear from time to time, usually because when oval duct is installed in homes, it moves less air than what the designer expects. Single wall grease duct is ETL Listed to UL Standard 1978 - Grease Ducts and CAN/ULC-S662. Sizes (30 ga). We are going to give you the reasons why spiral flat oval duct is your best of flat oval fittings are exorbitant compared to rectangular fittings, because it's not the  11 Apr 2017 round flat-oval traditional rectangular ductwork When comparing flat oval versus rectangular when keeping the velocity the same, the static  6 Dec 2016 On average, installation costs of a job using round or flat-oval spiral duct may be up to 50 percent less overall when compared with rectangular. Specify connection type on rectangular end. Round ducting is often found -- it pushes air more efficiently because there is less surface area to resist air flow and alter temperatures. rectangular duct and fittings are one part of our complete line of HVAC products. Wow! As nouns the difference between duct and ductwork is that duct is a pipe, tube or canal which carries gas or liquid from one place to another while ductwork is the system of ducts in a particular building. This double-wall, insulated ductwork is constructed of a solid metal outer pressure shell and a metal inner liner with a layer of insulation sandwiched between. and can be cut to shorter lengths. 55 A 0. Today in the U. Spiral Duct is a Contractor’s Best Choice By Jeff Rogers, President of the Energy Audit Institute From the June 2012 issue of SNIPS Magazine. Equivalent Duct Calculator (Round vs Rectangular) DUCTWORK AND DUCTWORK ACCESSORIES 07/06 ***** NOTE: This guide specification covers the requirements for ductwork and ductwork accessories including diffusers, registers, grilles, louvers, dampers, and louvered penthouses. Spiral duct is a great alternative to traditional rectangular duct in many applications. You get the lower numbers when the oval side is bigger than the round side. snaprite. Equivalent diameter for rectangular and circular ducts - air flows between 100 - 50000 cfm. Multiple round ducts or a flat-oval duct can be used instead of high-aspect-ratio rectangular duct. Also available is Sure Seal Spiral, a transverse joint gasketed connection for double wall spiral ductwork. When it comes down to the details, flat-oval duct is truly just round spiral in disguise. Spiral Flat Oval Duct is a combination of the design from round ducts and rectangular duct which provide benefits of less friction loss and space limitations in some installation areas where by space is restricted. Insert top . Bhatia, B. Shop a large selection of ductwork and ventilation products for commercial and residential building projects. In your home heating/air conditioning system, you have ductwork to push air through your home. 625 / (a +b)0. Probably the key advantage of round and flat-oval ductwork is the capability of being fabricated in longer lengths than standard rectangular ductwork. The equivalent diameter of a oval duct or tube (ellipse) can be calculated as (Heyt & Diaz) d e = 1. Energy efficiency and overall performance are greatly improved with round grease duct designs due to less flow resistance. Rectangular. The oval vibration than rectangular ducts which reduces the need for rod and angle iron. rectangular, and flat oval duct fittings. Duct Reducer - Flat  We fabricate double wall duct in round, rectangular and flat oval. Sections that are 12 feet long are not uncommon for round and flat oval. Flat Oval Spiral Pipe & Fittings Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. 2 Rectangular Ducts 7 5. SMC manufactures coil line ductwork in 4’-5’-6’ lengths. Menards® offers a wide range of ductwork pipe and fittings to help your ductwork systems run efficiently. 15850 – DUCTWORK AND DUCT ACCESSORIES On welded stainless steel ductwork, use extra low carbon grade steel (316 L). Other Hart & Cooley Mobile Tools. Comments and suggestions on this guide specification are welcome and should be directed to the technical If you need ductwork for your air conditioning projects or heating project, The Duct Shop will ship your ducts quickly, directly to your home or HVAC job site. SECTION 23 31 11 HIGH PRESSURE DUCTWORK 23 31 11-6 13-HC1-033 2. Oval longitudinal seam duct in any size. The table below can be used to compare equivalent diameters for rectangular and round circular ducts. In addition to the roll-formed ductwork, we can fabricate welded rectangular ductwork using 16 gauge galvanized steel, black iron, and stainless steel ductwork. Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store. com. The Spiral Flat-Oval has considerably less flat surface than rectangular duct. Roofing Products Products Ductwork In-Wall Duct Systems Master Flow ® Rectangular Stack Duct Starting Collar Master Flow ® Oval Flat Elbow FILTERLOCK Family. duct with insulation is only 14 in. The chart below lists nominal flat oval sizes with the equivalent round size for the same friction loss to the left. You might also need to choose between flat oval ducts versus round ducts   owners been advised that flat oval duct rectangular supply ductwork between the vs. What is the correct gauge sheet metal that should be used? The contractor says he will use 26 gauge for supply and return trunks, and 30 gauge for branch runs? Is this the standard gauges for these? Shop duct pipe in the hvac duct & fittings section of Lowes. Hamlin specializes in spiral round and flat oval duct manufacturing, serving the spiral round duct needs of customers in NC, SC, VA, and the Southeast. 2. Large projects frequently utilise all three types of the primary ductwork system; flat oval, circular and rectangular. The sizes are listed for the inlet side, the discharge side and then the branch side. We offer more than 300 different items for your ventilation project. These products can be custom built for your project or can be purchased through a stocking distributor in your area for common diameters and lengths. The belief that rectangular duct systems are cheaper than flat oval systems is an apparent misconception. E. round to rectangular. Use GreenSeam snap pipe duct and fittings from Grainger to help with your commercial and residential HVAC applications. Example - Air Flow in Rectangular vs. For instance, a 24x12 in. Rectangular ductwork is known to leak far more than round and flat-oval duct. I have 2 bedrooms upstairs, one is fed from the end of the supply trunk and the other is fed from the beginning of the supply trunk. Low profile ducting has been used extensively in apartment and hotel of the take-off then connects to the rectangular, oval, or round branch duct . Friction Loss Calculator for Flexible Ducts. The HVAC Factor: Spiral Round Ductwork By Gene Smithart, P. SPIDA FLAT OVAL FITTINGS FOSET FOTREC or FOTRND OFFSET OVAL to RECTANGULAR OVAL to ROUND A x B S V S Z A x B V S C x D Z Concentric construction is standard. To Provide the best HVAC Products, Services, and Support! Product Categories. 15850 – DUCTWORK AND DUCT ACCESSORIES. Engineered with a LEED-qualifying zero-VOC gasket, this ductwork can eliminate the need for additional sealing along the longitudinal seams and transverse joint. IMPERIAL 6-in Galvanized Steel 90 Degree Round To Oval Duct Boot. Shop for Duct Connectors & Adapters in Ductwork, Venting, Fittings, & Caps. An alternative to both rectangular duct and round spiral is flat-oval duct. S. FilterLock® Size Range: Use with any 1” air filter up to 25” long PVC Rectangular Ducting is available in 110x53mm,204x60mm,220x90mm if you require larger ductwork we recommend you use Metal Spiral ducting and fittings due to superior strength. Flat oval duct is machine-made from round spiral lockseamed duct. In lengths up to 24′, our oval spiral is a great alternative to labor-intensive conventional rectangular duct. , LEED AP From the August 2013 issue of Today’s Facility Manager. Don't Kill Your Air Flow with This Flex Duct Disease. With a the proper selection of abrasion resistant hose you can have long lasting material collection ducts while minimizing the risk of damage. clear Equivalent Duct Calculator (Round vs Rectangular ). minor. FIND A LOCAL DUCTING EXPERT. Worth, Texas. Find quality duct pipe online or in store. In addition, round systems are much easier to clean and reduce the opportunity for grease accumulation in the corners, like rectangular systems, increasing the risk of fire. Shape choice depends on the nature of the space you are installing the ductwork in and what will fit best there. Thus, properly designed flat-oval duct can be superior in performance to rectangular duct. Imperial Group is an award-winning manufacturer of more than 7,000 heating, air conditioning, ventilation and building products for residential and light commercial applications. , the Spiral Duct Manufacturers Association sees as its mission the promotion of spiral duct, round duct, and flat oval duct as a superior product for many applications. Benefits of working with BPC Ventilation. Rectangular ductwork is typically limited to 5-foot lengths. When you go from 6" round to 6" oval, you get 110' of equivalent length. M. As of the latest release 2018 2. We offer a wide variety of Ductwork and Fittings including Ceiling Boxes, 45 and 90 degree Elbows, Floor Boxes, KD Pipe, Pant Wyes, Tee Wyes, Square to Round Transitions and much more. Standard elbows will have 1. . (d) At the end of the duct run, install a rectangular end cap to halt the air flow at that point. ) This week's podcast discussses round vs flat oval ductwork. Features include: auto- BOM,  Equivalent Duct Calculator. Technical Bulletin 3-2, System Leakage Comparison, demonstrates that operat-ing costs need to be considered as well. DN Duct Solution provides single and double wall flat-oval ductwork both with a slip-fit and a flanged connection. 25 Where • Deq = equivalent diameter • a = one dimension of rectangular duct (inches ) • b = adjacent side of rectangular duct (inches) Equations for Flat Oval Ductwork Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. 5 centerline radius. of space. Flat-oval duct provides the same benefits of round spiral, such as low leakage rates and less static-pressure loss when compared with rectangular duct. 1. Flat oval duct has been designed for restricted space conditions that cannot accept round spiral duct. Langdon offers double wall round ductwork, double wall spiral ductwork, double wall rectangular ductwork and double wall flat oval ductwork in spiral lockseam and longitudinal seam. Rectangular Ductwork, Plenums, and Takeoffs Select from the menu below to view any of our product lines. Using two circular ducts instead of one rectangular also results in a lower overall cost. Nordfab stainless steel ductwork is leak free, airtight, and features a clamp-together design. Discover more! Shop hvac duct & fittings in the heating & cooling section of Lowes. 6 out of Speedi-Products SM-3060GO 05 5-Inch Oval by 60-Inch Length 30-Gauge Galvanized Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. Pro-Fab Sheet Metal’s double wall rectangular duct and fittings provide exceptional noise and thermal control in air handling systems. If eccentric is required, provide “Z” dimension. Aesthetic and Structural Benefits of Flat Oval Spiral Duct Work. Weighing the Advantages of Spiral vs. Motorized fire and smoke dampers feature factory-installed actuators that can force damper blades to close in emergency fire and smoke situations. HVAC Ducting -Principles and Fundamentals 2012 Instructor: A. 01 ft roughness is used. Master Flow - 6 in. Available widths of 15” to 129”. Another factor to consider when deciding between round and rectangular is the system pressure. 2 Good Engineering Practices for Designing Ductwork . SINGLE WALL All round spiral duct and fittings shall be manufactured from G-90 galvanized steel, conforming to ASTM and SMACNA standards. in. Compared with rectangular duct, it provides lower installation costs and,  The ZWmech HVAC Ducting module - 2D and 3D Ducting made easy. A full range of matching fittings are available for all sizes of Flat Oval ductwork. If the springy structure of flat-oval is adequately dampered, it has less surface susceptible to vibration. As a verb duct is to channel something through a duct (or series of ducts). Flat Oval Duct System Price Comparison. Round and Flat Oval Ducts: Furnish duct and fittings made by the same manufacturer to insure good fit of slip joints. For applications needed midst restricted space or where round ducts cannot be used, you should definitely consider Flat Oval Spiral Duct Work. So if you pick an example from the chart above where rectangular duct weighs 50% more than spiral round duct, it only takes 44% of the labor to install the spiral round duct compared to the rectangular. 1 DUCT DIMENSIONS Shapes: There are several shapes you can find ducting in: round, oval, spiral, rectangular. All wyes are manufactured from the highest quality galvanized steel. , so you shouldn't notice a significant difference. Friction Loss Calculator for Sheet Metal Ducts. Check out our everyday low prices and make us your total choice for your next project. Converts a rectangular size to the appropriate round size or the Flat Oval Ductwork vs. 12. Find quality hvac duct & fittings online or in store. Transitions flat edges into the slots. 3 Oval Ducts . Converts a known flat oval size to another available ESM flat oval size and correct round size. ESCO Spiral Flat Oval Duct is formed from ESCODUCT spiral round ducts into flat oval shape. The range of Flat Oval sizes is particularly useful where designers have space limitations in ceiling voids or riser applications. We also carry a wide selection of Metal Flex Duct, Silver Flex Duct, Silentflex as well as many others. , the Spiral Duct Manufacturers Association (SPIDA) sees as its mission the promotion of spiral duct, round duct, and flat oval duct as a superior  5 May 2016 Sound, costs, maximum airflow and more: learn the differences between round and rectangular air ducts from our commercial HVAC pros. 3 Oval Ducts 8 DUCTWORK DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS 33 Reducing the range of ductwork and components as required by the standard makes it possible for manufacturers to offer a good selection of standard products at competitive prices – and for prompt delivery. CaptiveAire's single wall & double wall grease duct are factory-welded for ease of installation and superior performance to traditional site-welded ductwork. round duct with insulation takes up 18 in. October 4, 2010. A. Ductulator calculats duct dimensions using equal friction method or velocity method. Chimney/Vent Parts; Custom Ductwork; Dampers; Duct Booster Fan USA builds a line of non-welded oval fittings that are cost competitive, nice looking and appropriate, where oval pipe and fittings need to be used for exposed applications. Oval spiral pipe, longseam pipe and fittings are manufactured from a variety of gauges and materials including galvanized, galvaneal, aluminum, PVC coated, stainless steel and carbon steel in singlewall and doublewall configurations. A rectangular duct has approximately 32 percent more sheet metal in it (likely Are conveniently fabricated to provide flat surfaces for branch tap-ins in a  Ducts are conduits or passages used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to Rectangular ductwork commonly is fabricated to suit by specialized metal shops . Number 1 leading MVHR and ventilation system specialists; Large range of systems for domestic and commercial applications I am having new galvanized steel ductwork installed in my attic, replacing the old flex duct that was there. If selected, Flexible roughness is 0. This results in less than half the number of joints in round and flat-oval systems as there are in rectangular ductwork. In addition, its flexibility allows for easier The equivalent diameter is the diameter of a circular duct or pipe that gives the same pressure loss as an equivalent rectangular duct or pipe. Tell someone a straight takeoff has 35-EF, while an offset transition has 10-EF and they don't know what you're talking about. Designed to install between wall studs with sheet-metal screws. The big advantage over Tips to Make Ductwork Energy Efficient. for flat or pitched roofs or standing seam roofs with to oval boot 012 oval stackhead round duct 710r 90° angle register boot 708r straight register boot 701 offset collar 776 scotty 265 floor inlet 809 regular stackhead 720 wall stack 701 stack side take off 816 1/2" joist panning 726 transition 729 flat elbow 809 stackhead 799 end cap 750r center end register boot 718 vertical elbow 778 round Rectangular Ductwork Sizes [PDF] 1 2 3 Related searches for oval ductwork sizes to cfm Browsing OVAL to ROUND - Audubon Supply oval ductwork sizes to cfm - Bing properties are better than when rectangular and flat oval ducts are used. Weight-based labor formulas generally allow 50% more pounds per man-hour for installing round and flat oval spiral duct versus rectangular. The clamping system eliminates the need to caulk during installation, the areas where bugs can harbor, and remove the snagging areas that destroy the leak-free system. Flat Oval Spiral Product Pages. Proudly Made in Ft. We carry ducts, caps, vent pipes, tubes, connectors, adapters, roof vents, and more. In some circumstances, however, space availability may require you to use rectangular ducting. GAF ductwork products are proudly designed, fabricated, and assembled in the U. In some cases even several circular ducts can result Ductwork and supports shall conform to the HVAC Duct Construction Standards, Metal, and Flexible, Second Edition, 1995. Ductwork & Fittings. One end of each piece is crimped for easy fitting of consecutive joints or to sheet metal fittings and flexible duct. It may not be as wide, but it takes up more height. The drawback to a rectangular duct is that air does not flow quite as well as in a circular duct of the same cross-sectional area. Duct shape options include rectangular, round and flat oval. 3D ductwork. Duct sizing calculations include constant Supplier of Galvanized sheet metal duct, hvac duct supplies, air conditioing ductwork, flex duct, round, dampers Performance. com. 003 ft when straight and fully stretched tight at 0% compression (adjusted at other compressions), otherwise the original method of constant 0. The work on the facility, situated on one of Northern Ireland’s green field sites, included the installation of flat oval ductwork fabricated from Kingspan KoolDuct Panels. I want to calculate: rectangular to round. The all aluminum vent is fire resistant and is adjustable from 18 in. See more ideas about Commercial, Hvac ductwork and Connection. calculate. The cross-sectional area of the rectangular duct you are considering is 60 sq. Items to consider: air movement efficiency, acoustic performance, cost and aesthetics (if exposed) Round duct: Advantages 1. CONTACT US AT 800-532-0830. rectangular duct dimension will be 16”X 51”, and flat oval ducts with a 16-in. Figure 1 Rectangular vs circular and flat oval ducting In general, one of the main barriers that can affect energy savings is the quality of the installation of the ductwork system. Rectangular ductwork is manufactured using 26-18G galvanized steel and all of the ductwork is assembled. Shop duct transitions & connectors in the hvac duct & fittings section of Lowes. One circular duct is always installed at a lower overall cost than a rectangular of the same equivalent diameter. Oval Skinny Duct Aluminum Dryer Vent allows for dryer installation in tight spaces as little as 3 in. 5. Flat Oval is manufactured from a mechanically locked spiral seam that is Rectangle Access Door. This allows plenty of tolerance for the round branch supplies. Where fittings of configurations not shown in the HVAC-DCS are shown on the contract drawings, they shall be constructed as though they were therein. Wye Branch; Wye Branch. Global Industrial is a Leading Distributor of HVAC/R & Fans supplies. Explore Conklin Metal Industries's board "HVAC Ductwork- large commercial project" on Pinterest. Flexible duct can be installed in place of galvanized pipe in many applications if allowed by your local HVAC codes. OPTIONS AND cost of duct leakage compared to the cost of reducing duct leakage leakage in round and flat oval spiral duct occurs at the rectangular medium pressure duct system upstream of. POWERTEC 70151 Dust Hood Rectangular Funneled Shape, 4-Inch By 10-Inch. Galvanized Sheet Metal Ducts from The Duct Shop's HVAC ductwork is manufactured from high quality galvanized steel in 3 foot lengths for easy handling. Rectangular Ductwork I just had central air installed in my 1200 sqft cape cod house. DC Duct and Sheet Metal specializes in the manufacturing of spiral duct, flat oval duct, and fittings that adhere to the current SMACNA guidelines. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our mechanics are skilled and trained to provide the highest quality service and craftsmanship. GV1405 8" GV0119 8" x 24". Duct sizing calculator free download. Specify Length “V” FON-1 for Duct FOS-1 for Duct Should I use 6" round ductwork or round oval ductwork that's designed for a 2x4 wall? I just had central air installed in my 1200 sqft cape cod house. These products are used for warm air return, supply, and exhaust systems. high, but a 16-in. Rectangular Duct By Peeter Vesik The 4 in. then pull the ductwork taut between the two ends which now point towards each other. --- Select a Product Line --- Round Pipe and Pipe Fittings Collars for Sheetmetal Collars for Ductboard Boots and Boxes Rectangular Ductwork, Plenums, and Takeoffs Wall Stack & Wall Stack Fittings Oval Pipe & Oval Fittings Mobile & Modular A contractor called our office with a question about oval duct airflow performance. Flat Oval. 2 Rectangular Ducts . It's a round-to-oval 90° elbow, and it has equivalent length of 29', 55', or 110', depending on the sizes of the round and oval sections. Fittings for flat oval ducts are difficult to fabricate or modify in the field. Eastern Sheet Metal Equivalent Round Duct Calculator app allows sheet metal contractors and installers, as well as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) engineers and contractors, to convert the dimensions of rectangular and flat oval ducts to round. was formed to promote the use of round duct, spiral duct (spiral pipe) and flat oval duct by informing the  As a result, flat oval duct shares many of the performance characteristics of round duct. SEMCO spiral round and flat-oval duct systems provide you with the advantages of automation and mass production without the expense of investing in the required equipment. If you need oval ductwork, call 616-475-5905 in Grand Rapids or 734-261-0410 in Detroit and ask for customer service. x 5 ft. Spiral Flat-Oval Compared with Rectangular Duct. However, in most cases, there is a spiral alternative which is cheaper to install, lighter and more energy efficient. Nordfab Ducting -Industrial Ventilation & Ductwork - Quick-Fit Clamp Together Duct. It might cost you a little more to transition from rectangular ductwork to new oval ducts. We need the ability to slope Fabrication Ductwork (Rectangular and Round) in Revit as you have done with Fabrication Piping. HAS Flat Oval Tube and Fittings Introduction Hotchkiss Flat Oval ductwork offers all the advantages of rectangular ducts with a standard of air tightness associated with spirally wound ducts. Round ducting is often found -- it pushes air more efficiently  Our Flat-Oval duct forming machine, Ovalizer is suitable for the ovalizer duct advantage of fewer site joints and supports compared with rectangular ductwork. Fig 2. It calculates both rectangular and round duct dimensions. (SMC) TDC, Slip/Drive and Raw Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. Example: Change 18” x 34” flat oval to a smaller size. In other words, it uses less material compared to square or rectangular . 6. Rectangular Round Oval Used to connect two sections of rectangular duct together. All welds to be picked to remove weld oxide. All ductwork comes standard with stiffening beads. The pressure shell is fabricated according to our duct construction standards for gauge and  Round to Oval. Wyes are the fitting to use when you need to branch off your duct run to a smaller size. Rectangular duct systems are not cheaper than spiral flat oval systems when mate-rial and installation costs are considered. Efficient way of conveying air with low pressure drop, which translates to less fan horsepower. We need to be able to slope Grease Duct, Dishwasher, etc If there is limited clearance for ductwork, a rectangular duct can always be made wider, while a round duct might not fit. Oval Duct Pipe - Get energy-efficient air flow to high-up wall registers with this pipe, featuring a smooth surface. When submitted and approved in advance, round and flat oval duct, with size converted on the basis of equal pressure drop, may be furnished in lieu of rectangular duct design shown on the drawings. Choose from a full line of Sheet Metal ducts, including Elbow ducts, Ductwork tools, Duct Wyes, Flexibles, Galvanized Ducts, and reducer ducts. Flat Oval has many advantages over rectangular duct: better airflow, lighter weight, longer lengths, rapid availability, easy to adjust to length and easier to install. com Equivalent Round Duct Size for a Rectangular Duct Equivalent round duct size for a rectangular duct can be expressed as Deq = 1. Available heights of 3” to 36” minor axis. The following table indicates the minimum gauge for flat oval supply ductwork: MAJOR DIMENSION SPIRAL SEAM GAUGE LONGITUDINAL SEAM GAUGE FITTING GAUGE 3" to 24" 24 20 20 25" to 36" 22 20 20 37" to 48" 22 18 18 49" to 60" 20 18 18 A state-of-the-art manufacturing site near Belfast has been upgraded and expanded as part of a £35 million investment programme. 2 this is still not available. The cross-sectional area of your round duct is about 50 sq. Search Website and Parts. Fig. 3 x (a x b)0. They just know the straight T/O costs less!! We also plan our residential systems using rectangular trunk to have a maximum of 50-EF for the main. flat oval ductwork vs rectangular ductwork

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